Monday, September 8, 2008

What makes a good blog post

A good blog post, in my personal opinion should be short enough to maintain readers' attention but long enough to establish one's point. Language used should enable easy reading for the target audience, and stay on the subject which interests said audience. For instance, on a baseball blog, do not go off on a tangent about NASCAR or something like that. Maintain the blog's purpose but keep the posts original, avoiding redundancy with prior posts. No one wants to read the same idea expressed in different terms by the same person, but if the blog strays from its original ideas, then its audience will dissolve, as it will still bear the label it was originally given, but will not interest those who take interest in the title.


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Liz Davis said...

I agree, blog posts should be short, but not too short. I would also assert that even short posts should be broken up into at least two paragraphs. The longer the paragraph, the less likely it is for your reader to get through the whole thing.

Staying on point is also very important, a focused blog post is much easier to read. Maintaining audience is a clear goal for a blog. We will start working on building your audience soon.

Part of the assignment was refer to and link to 2 good posts and explain why you think they are good. You still need to get that done.