Monday, September 29, 2008

Ken Robinson

Is school killing creativity? is the question being asked by education expert Sir Ken Robinson. The educational hierarchy of the Industrial Revolution, placing the arts below mathematics and science are in his opinion crippling individual innovation and creativity.

The global education system, according to Dr. Robinson, is obsolete and does not suit the needs of today's world. I must say that I agree with much of what Robinson is saying. If calculation based subjects maintain priority over those which require creativity, such as the arts, it will be increasingly difficult for tomorrow's workforce to form new ideas or methods, eliminating individual thought and encouraging the concept of mental conformity towards a set of very narrow ideals, the main idea of late the eighteenth century factory system, everyone is just cogs in the machine of mass production, as opposed to the world as it is, whereas everyone is giving input to the think tank that is mass innovation.

Without individual talent or creative thought, the concepts of invention and change are eliminated, as without individuals, there cannot possibly be a group of any strength outside of the past's factory system. If each brick is weak, then the wall itself will fall, so students need to be given a chance to explore their own ability to strengthen their influence on the modern world.


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