Tuesday, October 7, 2008

State of the Blogospere

Blogs have become a very important part of the world and the culture of our society. Blogs are of a number of such sheer quantity, that they as a group are one of the best ways to examine opinions and obtain information on certain topics of interest. All bloggers have their reasons, some because they feel it necessary to make an idea public, some because they find a subject of particular interest and desire their voice to be heard.
In a world in which the media influence opinions and beliefs dramatically, it is wonderful that the public can control the media and therefore control politics, news, and various information for which we used to depend on mainstream media. 
In a democratic society, such public control is necessary to maintain the relative neutrality and balance in the society, or else the term "democracy" hardly suits a society wherein the media is completely privatized, something that is held in check by the presence of independent bloggers online.

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